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This is an archive of the Digital Gallery Show, which was featured from May 13 to September 12, 2020. It showcased artwork by Christian Kapoukranidis and Amanda Adams. These pieces were created in reaction to the threat of campus closure in April 2020. 

You Can Quote Me On That!

Access to higher education is meaningful on personal and professional levels. Here is what Visual Arts students have to say about the importance of NVU-Lyndon and the Visual Arts Department.

"I have never felt so comfortable when being myself. People at NVU accept "the real me", and that's great."

Mandee Roberts

Derby, Vermont

"Living in the NEK has been very rewarding. Not only has NVU-Lyndon given me the opportunity to graduate with a BFA without debt, I'm also able to do design work for small businesses I've grown up around."

Zosia Prince

Sutton, Vermont

"The skills I learned at NVU-Lyndon have taught me how to create from the heart and mind, and there's no limit to what you can create."

Brandon Barone

Brunswick, Maine

"At NVU, I have grown immensely as a graphic designer, and have developed skills and interests in areas I had never considered before."

Ben Gazda

Guilford, Connecticut

"I've only been here a year, but NVU already has made me feel so welcome and helped me improve my ability in the arts." 

Sarah Fickes

Peacham Vermont

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